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In June 2019, DohJe closed its doors. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a way for DohJe to grow fast enough to stay in business. It was an honor to get to know so many amazing nurses, doctors, midwives, techs, etc., and help deliver thousands of heart warming, tear flowing thank you notes from patients and coworkers.

While DohJe as we knew it no longer exists, our team remains dedicated to providing authentic and meaningful recognition for healthcare workers. The Harvard Research Study that took over 3 years to complete using DohJe at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center is almost ready to release.

We believe we can build on the learnings, technology, and skills we attained over the past five years to support health systems wishing to fight burnout and exhaustion with authentic gratitude.

Sincerely yours,

Amanda Krantz
Francis Li
Dawn Cheairs

DohJe (doe-jay) means Thank You

Our mission is to make it easy to thank nurses, doctors, therapists or any healthcare hero who goes the extra mile.

Watch the video to see how DohJe is helping more gratitude flow at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital:

You tell us...

1. where you were

Search from the list of facilities or add a new one. We'll build the connection.

2. who you want to thank

You may know their name, but if not, don't worry! Tell us whatever you remember.

3. what you want to say

Choose a pre-written message or write your own. You can even add a couple of photos.

... then we deliver your gratitude!

Gratitude is a beautiful thing

“Dear Kylie, You are a big reason why I will deliver my next child at UCSF. Thank you for your genuine concern for me, and my newborn. Staying in a hospital is no fun, but your enthusiasm, and experience gave us great comfort.” – Cynthia

See more DohJe notes at #dohjetuesday

I've tried over 20 recognition systems in 30 years, and DohJe is the first one that really works.

Kim Scurr, Executive Director
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

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