Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say DohJe?

It's pronounced doe-jay”. It's a phonetic spelling for “thank-you” in Cantonese.

What is DohJe?

DohJe is a proven way to save time and money by making it easy to appreciate healthcare staff from any phone or computer. It’s the best way for patients to thank their healthcare heroes and for coworkers to thank each other.

How successful is DohJe?

A Harvard Study found a 10 times increase in authentic expressions of gratitude using DohJe at Delta County Memorial Hospital, resulting in a significant increase in work satisfaction and $22K in savings. DohJe has also made a positive impact on staff morale and patient satisfaction at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center.

How does DohJe save time?

DohJe reduces time spent routing paper feedback cards. DohJe also helps CNOs with Magnet Certification by tracking how they’ve meaningfully recognized their staff.

How do patients share their gratitude?

Sending a DohJe note is very simple. Go to, type in the name of the facility, select the staff member you'd like to thank, choose a pre-written message or write your own, then click “Send DohJe note”.

How do colleagues and supervisors use DohJe to share their gratitude?

Staff can quickly sign in to a secure account to thank their colleagues and respond to DohJe notes. On the Administrator’s dashboard, Supervisors can recognize colleagues and print notes.

How long does it take to implement DohJe?

Facilities can be on-boarded with DohJe in a matter of hours. Contact us to discuss integration with HR systems.

What happens if someone shares a negative comment?

The “NOT GRATITUDE” button is available for each staff member and redirects any negative messages to a designated administrator via email.

What about privacy?

The content of each DohJe note is private unless the sender selects the “Inspire Others” checkbox. Both the sender’s and the receiver’s email remain private. Only first name and last initial is displayed for staff members, except Doctors.

Has DohJe considered HIPAA?

Yes. Patients can share whatever they choose, but since there is no identity authentication, staff are required to respond in a HIPAA-compliant manner. DohJe makes this easy with pre-written caregiver responses.

What is the cost to use DohJe?

DohJe is and always will be free for patients and healthcare workers. Facilities pay a monthly subscription for the DohJe recognition tool based on the organization’s size.

Why do organizations pay for DohJe?

DohJe is a cost-effective way to raise staff morale, lower costs due to attrition and absenteeism, and increase patient satisfaction.

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How do administrators and managers obtain gratitude results data and patient stories?

Weekly metrics emails are sent out to designated leaders. Department managers have access to real-time data and patient stories via their dashboard.

How is DohJe different from other recognitions systems?

DohJe is all about pure, genuine gratitude. It was built from the ground up to meet the needs of busy healthcare workers who do not sit in front of computers all day. DohJe requires no training, it's that easy.

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Is DohJe just for doctors or nurses?

DohJe is for everyone. Sometimes the friendly people who bring a meal or clean the trash bins can make a patient’s experience so much better.

Where can I learn more about the science of gratitude?

Learn more at: Greater Good Science Center