DohJe Launches New Features to Thank Staff at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 17, 2014

(San Francisco, CA, March 18, 2014) – Tech/health startup, DohJe, releases new features on its digital gratitude platform to support a new pilot site in the Bay area, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. makes it easy to quickly find and thank amazing caregivers online. A DohJeNote is a digital “thank you” note that closes the loop for patients, provides a digital gratitude locker for healthcare staff, and helps managers recognize a caregiver’s excellence.

"It's exciting to be piloting with the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital staff whose compassionate care inspired me to start DohJe," said Amanda Krantz, DohJe Founder and CEO. "I've since learned that many other patients want to say thanks, but they get stuck not knowing a nurse's name or that a simple note of gratitude is all it takes to make their day."

DohJe has been successfully promoting gratitude with three pilot facilities, Mountain Midwifery Center, Renewal Care Partners, and Westshore Midwifery, since its launch last May.

“Too often our culture tends to focus on the negative. In our birth center, we know that we live in an amazing world full of wonder! DohJe has been a great way for our families to connect with our caregivers to celebrate the wonder together. As a manager, I’ve found DohJe to be a very helpful tool to track and reward employees for going above and beyond – in either patient care or helping out a fellow employee. … Dohje gives us the ability to see the positive impact we are having on our community.” - Heather Prestridge, Practice Manager, Mountain Midwifery Center

The new features include:

  • Filters - narrowing the entire staff list by title helps patients find their caregiver more easily.
  • Caregiver Photo zoom - hovering over a caregiver photo pops up a larger version to aid in caregiver identification. Larger photos help those patients who cannot remember the name of the person they want to thank.
  • Gratitude Locker and Co-worker DohJeNotes - promotes gratitude between co-workers directly, enables storage. Pre-written notes are now available, as well as the option to write a personal message.
  • Mobile sign in - facilitates access from anywhere. Caregivers can view and respond to DohJeNotes from their phone.
  • Hidden Profile setting - allows a caregiver to participate in co-worker gratitude without being listed at Patient gratitude is directed through the facility or department manager, then forwarded to the caregiver.
  • New Sign Up Form - enables interested caregivers and facility managers to expedite on-boarding.

DohJe first launched the inter-staff recognition part of its service with UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Labor and Delivery unit in January, achieving over 90% staff engagement. Most of the co-worker DohJeNotes sent so far have been custom notes, the remaining 10-15% are split between the various pre-written messages. As expected, managers have been using DohJe to recognize the staff, but the largest percentage of co-worker DohJeNotes have been between peers. DohJe’s success so far stems from an easy on-boarding process, keeping private information private, and connecting with staff on-site during both day and night shifts. DohJe strives to be unique among hospital vendors by providing quality staff photos, answering questions in person, and quickly incorporating staff feedback on product and marketing materials.

Now patients, as well as their family and friends, can visit to send words of thanks, and up to three photos, to these amazing people from any phone, tablet, or computer. With an increasing emphasis on gratitude, DohJe also hopes to increase donations to the UCSF Foundation Children's Fund through a direct link to donate on DohJeNote confirmation screens.

About DohJe, Inc.

DohJe is a free gratitude platform that connects healthcare professionals with their patients in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way. can be accessed through any web browser. DohJe means “thank you” in Cantonese, and is pronounced "dough-jay".

Hospital department managers, human resources leaders, patient experience directors, and independent facilities can subscribe to DohJe’s Premium Services on a monthly or annual basis. Healthcare foundations can also partner with DohJe to help drive donations. For more information, contact [email protected].

Dawn Cheairs
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