DohJe to Power Gratitude at Hilltop

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, May 24, 2016

(Bend, OR, May 7, 2016) Hilltop, the premier independent and assisted living community in Grand Junction, CO, is teaming up with DohJe to enable Hilltop family members to directly thank the staff who care for their loved ones many miles away. With this latest partnership, DohJe is well on its way to reinventing recognition for healthcare by providing a simple, affordable new communications platform for patients and their families to express their gratitude, for caregivers to support one another, and for supervisors to recognize their staff.

Hilltop, recently named one of the healthiest places to work by the American Psychological Association, is dedicated to ensuring the welfare of its employees and the clients they serve. Its partnership with DohJe will continue to support this mission.

"At Hilltop we are committed to employees having a great experience and believe that receiving gratitude is an important element of that,” says Michaelle Smith, Senior Director, Hilltop Community Resources. “We know that employees who feel valued provide outstanding service to our clients. We are excited to start using to harness the power of gratitude."

Scientists are finding that if gratitude is practiced habitually, a slew of benefits may be reaped, such as a stronger immune system, higher level of positive emotions, more optimism, acting compassionately and feeling less lonely and isolated.

“Recruiting and retaining assisted living employees is becoming a serious problem for long-term care facilities,” says Amanda Krantz, CEO of DohJe. “Many of us may face the difficult decision to place a parent or loved one into an assisted care facility and have no good way to express our gratitude to the people who care for them. DohJe provides the tool to help us say thank you while reducing turnover and its associated costs for partner facilities.”

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way, and with DohJe, it takes only 2 minutes to share it. Gratitude is a beautiful thing, and it makes a big impact.

About Hilltop:

For over 65 years, Western Colorado has turned to Hilltop for compassionate and comprehensive human services. Adult services include domestic violence services, job assistance and training, residential care for adults with traumatic brain injuries, and health care access. Senior services offer independent and assisted living options, medical and unique home care solutions, dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

About DohJe:

DohJe is an innovative recognition and retention platform for healthcare and is collaborating with hospitals, birth centers, and clinics across the country to provide real-time gratitude to staff and patients. The company was founded in 2013 with offices in Bend, OR and Denver, CO.


Dawn Cheairs
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